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Individual leaders can achieve much within their own command, leading multiple functions or domains of expertise. However, a group of these individual leaders, when part of a team, do not necessarily function cohesively and effectively together. Team coaching enables the team to function at a level greater than the sum of its parts. It ignites a collective leadership power within the team.


In partnership with the team, we identify the right conditions for the team to accomplish its work. With internal alignment and clarity of purpose and objectives, team members develop the strategies for doing the work well. The team improves its norms for working together and garners the organizational support to get the work done. Ultimately, team members learn together and achieve more through their collective leadership.


Improving how the team learns enables the team to improve its effectiveness over time and achieve more. Team

coaches support the team leader, individual team members, and the team as a whole. The team members start to

also coach within the team and the collective leadership increases… leadership greater than the sum of its parts.

These same leaders take their new team coaching skills to their own teams, creating a groundswell of improved

teamwork that drives results and accelerates real change throughout the organization.





  • Shifts silo mentality to collaborative mindset

  • Prioritizes what might be useful to change about the team

  • Improves the collective leadership of the team and its stakeholders to improve results

  • Builds collaborative leadership capability and capacity within the team and across teams

  • Grows “leader-coach” capability in individuals to be modeled and cascaded

  • Creates “team of teams” movements, driving a team performance groundswell across organization




  • Enhancing team capability and capacity

  • Leadership development for high potential leader(s)

  • New leader inheriting an existing team

  • Improving team effectiveness and performance

  • Accelerating organizational change

  • Launching new teams / project teams / reorg. teams

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